Saturday, 21 October, 2017

Boris Johnson denies plot to topple UK PM Theresa May

Wilma Wheeler | 14 June, 2017, 03:52

At the time, she was considered a strong favorite against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May arrives at an election campaign event in Wolverhampton, England, May 30, 2017. She reappointed Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Chancellor Philip Hammond and other top ministers - several of whom are potential plotters, and would-be replacements if she's deposed.

When May called the election in April, she did so with the Conservatives riding high in the polls, and the pound had surged on expectations that a big majority for the Conservatives would allow her to face down the so-called euroskeptics in her parliamentary ranks.

Just hours after her voice broke as she offered her first, shaky, 3 a.m. response to an election that would end with her Conservative Party losing its majority in Parliament, she was grim-faced and joyless as she stood in the midday sun in front of Downing Street and announced she would stay on as prime minister.

May leads the Tory party which came up eight seats short of getting the 326 required to make up a majority of the British Parliament, creating a "hung parliament".

They said she could, however, hang on until Brexit negotiations are ended in 2019.

Talks had been due to start on June 19 with the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker saying earlier today that he hoped there would be no further delay in starting talks over Brexit.

May, who is the second female Prime Minister for the United Kingdom after Margaret Thatcher, didn't win elections in 2016.

Conservative MP Nigel Evans told CNN his party shot itself "in the head" with an "irrelevant" manifesto, which was peppered with "arsenic".

The results confounded those who said the opposition Labour Party's left-wing leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was electorally toxic. I think a lot of people voted because they were fed up.

May's Conservative Party won the most seats by the slimmest of margins, but lost its majority in the House of Commons - an enormous blow for the Prime Minister, who called the election in order to consolidate power.

"Without the 14 seats won by the Scottish Conservatives, Mrs May's party would have been languishing on just 305 seats".

"The DUP need a deal because they are absolutely committed not to have a hard border with the Republic of Ireland", he told BBC One's The Andrew Marr Show.

The result calls into question May's future as leader of the party, and the country.

Her plan is to work with the Democratic Unionists, although DUP leader Arlene Foster kept her cards close to her chest, confirming only that the pair had spoken and would enter discussions.

May had advocated a "hard Brexit" - a withdrawal that includes a clean break from the European Union's single market and customs union. But May has already attracted criticism for the decision because of the DUP's position on same-sex marriage and abortion rights.


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