Wednesday, 18 October, 2017

Kenny raises Good Friday Agreement concerns with May over DUP deal

Up high? Too slow! Corbyn's high-five ends in awkward thud Kenny raises Good Friday Agreement concerns with May over DUP deal
Marta Holmes | 12 June, 2017, 07:48

The Observer reported that the DUP was seeking to avoid any inclusion of controversial social policies, such as opposition to gay marriage or abortion, in its demands to the Tories, concentrating instead on commitments to no Irish unity referendum and no hard border imposed on the island of Ireland after Brexit.

"Other personnel issues are for other days", she said when asked about their future.

May has struggled to reassert her authority after losing her parliamentary majority in Thursday's snap election, which she had been under no pressure to call.

Downing Street and the DUP issued separate statements overnight, emphasising that the deal between them had not yet been finalised.

Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street.

"It would be very, very surprising if something as important and complex as this was stitched together in a single day of talks in Belfast", Sir Michael said.

Theresa May's grip on power appears far from secure despite a proposed deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to support her in Parliament.

Details of the deal will be discussed by May's cabinet which is scheduled to meet at 10 Downing Street on Monday morning.

Thursday's United Kingdom general election saw the Conservatives lose more seats than expected in Parliament, while the Labour gained more seats than expected.

ROGER SCULLY: Well, I think a major thing that happened is that the Conservative Party effectively undermined the core message of their own campaign. It was not what was said publicly or not said, but the lack of support and the silence from fellow Tory party leaders, an indication that all is not well.

The pound hit an eight-week low against the dollar and its lowest levels in seven months versus the euro before recovering slightly after May said she would form a government backed by her "friends" in the DUP.

On Brexit, Mr Corbyn said he wants a "jobs-first Brexit" negotiated as quickly as possible along with guaranteeing the post-Brexit rights of European Union nationals living in the UK.

Sinn Fein withdrew from power sharing with the DUP in January. After May/Downing St. said it had deal with DUP party on governing, DUP says not true.

The 2015 Northern Ireland Plan was specifically designed for a hung parliament situation.

The arrangement with the DUP will make governing easier, but it makes some Conservatives uneasy.

So many questions and no real answers.

There are also significant divides over benefit cuts after DUP sources told the BBC that the party wants to "kill austerity".

By that they meant that DUP manifesto opposes the ending of the "triple lock" on state pensions and the means testing of winter fuel allowance. Of course, it remains to be seen what the nature of that deal is. May's unionist allies in the province also want to avoid a hard border.BUT.On Scotland, May and the European Union doubt a "differentiated deal" on trade and migration can work, while Spain, battling Catalan separatists, may block it.

Now her not-so-special advisers have gone, she must work with all members of her Cabinet and listen to her twin wise owls, the Chancellor Philip Hammond and Business Secretary Greg Clark.

DUP Leader Arlene Foster recently denied the party was homophobic.

"The idea that the British government could be taking sides, having been the guarantor of the Good Friday Agreement and the subsequent peace agreements is really troubling", she told Sky News.

Some in Brussels may see this as an opportunity to drive a hard deal and dictate terms, Klass believes, while others may worry a weak prime minister won't be able to get parliamentary approval for a tough deal.

Mr Brady said there was "no doubt" the Queen's Speech - due on 19 June - would be "slimmed down", including plans for an expansion of grammar schools in England.


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