Saturday, 21 October, 2017

Multiple people being treated for carbon monoxide at Tribeca building

Police respond to gas leak in New York TWITTER SCRAMBLE Police were quick to the scene
Carlton Santiago | 14 June, 2017, 04:08

One person was in critical condition after 60 Murray St. filled with carbon monoxide, police said.

"We found a defective boiler in the basement with some sort of broken pipe that was producing the CO". But people started feeling faint around 8:30 a.m. just as a worker opened a package in the basement, stirring worries that the parcel might have been poisonous. The FBI and a bomb squad were on the scene and eventually determined that the reported suspicious package was not hazardous.

A carbon monoxide leak coupled with a suspicious package scare prompted a massive response from police officers and firefighters in NY on Tuesday.

A preliminary investigation revealed the box contained salad bowls, which had been delivered to the location the day before from Brooklyn. The meters measure up to 1,000 parts per million, enough to "render you unconscious very, very quickly", Leonard said.

It wasn't immediately clear what sparked the boiler fire.

The FDNY said it was possibly caused by a faulty oil burner.

Most of the 34 hurt were evaluated at the scene for minor injuries, fire officials say, but some will be taken to hospitals.

The shop and the apartments above in the 12-floor building were evacuated.

Firefighters said 32 people suffered carbon monoxide exposure, with many of them passing out.


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