Wednesday, 18 October, 2017

One arrested in connection with Manesar gang-rape case

Earnest Maxwell | 08 June, 2017, 01:35

The gangrape had happened in Manesar. Yogender had recently shifted to Bas Khusla village and he was arrested after he allegedly confessed to his crime to the sarpanch of Bas Khusla village.

It may be recalled that the woman's nine-month-old daughter was thrown out of the auto rickshaw, leading to her death last week.

The helpless woman was on her way to her parents' house when she was raped. Her husband then picked her up from a metro station. However, they went separate ways.

Another case involved a 10-year-old who was found to be five months pregnant after allegedly enduring sustained sexual assault by her stepfather. And her ordeal began soon after. The victim waited for many hours but when he did not turn up, she made a decision to go to her in-law's house with the child fearing backlash from neighbours. The woman said that while they were assaulting her, the accused said the local sarpanch knew them and that he would help them in case of trouble. They gangraped the woman on a field in IMT Sector 8. The incident occurred on May 29 night.

"They had a fight with the toll official over fee. They then flung the baby, who was crying on a footpath, to avoid public attention", the Gurgaon police chief said. They drove to a lonely stretch of the road and assaulted her there while driving the vehicle. They took turns to rape her. They also killed the infant.

It was 2 am.

There a doctor told her that the infant was dead. He, along with his supervisor, advised her to wait there till morning.

Later, the young woman returned to pick up her baby lying in the middle of the road and took it to a hospital in Gurgaon. After which she took the baby to a hospital where she was declared brought dead. Holding the little body, she travelled on the metro to Delhi to visit the AIIMS hospital. There, she was again told that her daughter had died. He later informed the police of his daughter's death.

Contrary to media reports, Sehgal confirmed that the child was left on a road divider near the construction site, and that the woman went back for the child after the assaulters left her.

We registered an FIR on May 30 itself but it was of murder only. Since she did not have a mobile phone, she could not inform anyone about her condition. "The one accused who is absconding has also been identified and will be apprehended soon", Gurugram Police Commissioner Sandeep Khirwar told ANI.


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