Wednesday, 18 October, 2017

Tesla's Annual Meeting: What You Need to Know

Tesla Model Y Tesla Model Y
Marta Holmes | 08 June, 2017, 01:31

Tesla just released its first teaser for its upcoming Model Y crossover during its annual shareholder meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

In fact, the way the S and X share the same platform - a logical and cost-saving move made by many auto manufacturers who produce similar vehicles on the same chassis - was key to the Model X's delayed launch, Musk said, reports The Verge. Meanwhile, the shadowy teaser images shows that similar platform or not, the Model y and Model 3 share numerous design cues.

Tesla's all-new electric truck is scheduled to be unveiled in September this year, so we'll have to wait until then to see any more details. It's about to introduce its first mass-market electric auto, the Model 3 sedan, as well as a line of solar panels that look like roof tiles. By comparison, on-road hybrids like Prius can only run on battery charge for small distances, while most affordable electric vehicles go 120-150 miles on a single charge. Musk says the Model 3 is much simpler to make.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told investors this news on Tuesday, though he confirmed that this would only be for "initial production". Tesla wants to resolve that by providing buyers an 8-year infinite mile guarantee, which can reassure those interested in buying the auto.

"There's been some criticism that we should sort of do it derived from the Model 3 platform".

Tesla is rolling out a new version of its vehicles ("Hardware 2") after deciding to dump the Mobileye sensors and algorithms used in earlier models.

While there weren't any huge surprises from the meeting-at least, nothing as big as what we've come to expect from Musk's social accounts-there was one reveal that is sure to whet the appetite of Tesla diehards: a sneak peek at the Tesla Model Y.

Nearly all S&P 500 companies have moved to annual elections for board members as of previous year, up from just 56 percent a decade earlier, according to a report by executive-search consultant Spencer Stuart.

During the meeting, Musk also offered a sneak peek at Tesla's forthcoming semi-truck - which also appears mirrorless in the heavily-shadowed concept photo. "We got over-confident", Musk added, trying to emphasize their focus on the vehicle's ability to be easily manufactured. This will allow them to optimize the vehicle, and design more efficient manufacturing lines.


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