Saturday, 21 October, 2017

Texas governor revives 'bathroom bill' for special session

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick presides over the Texas Senate Chamber at the Texas Capitol Tuesday Feb. 7 2017 in Austin Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick presides over the Texas Senate Chamber at the Texas Capitol Tuesday Feb. 7 2017 in Austin. AP
Rickey Rodriguez | 07 June, 2017, 05:27

Following up on their call for Governor Abbott to convene the special session, the group's 167,000 activists encourage the Governor to task the Legislature with implementing meaningful property tax reform, elimination of the margins tax, and creation of education savings accounts.

Greg Abbott revived a failed "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people Tuesday while also resurrecting anti-abortion proposals, anti-union efforts and more as an encore to a rancorous legislative session that ended with Republicans feuding and one GOP lawmaker threatening to pull a gun on a Democratic colleague.

Abbott laid out 19 items that he will then ask legislators to take up. "In giving this non-issue such a prominent platform, Governor Abbott is signaling that he is perfectly comfortable ceding his most basic governing responsibilities to his belligerent lieutenant governor". Gov. Abbott signs texting while driving ban into lawThe governor said that he had hoped the statewide ban on texting and driving, which he signed into law Tuesday, would preempt cities and counties from regulating the use of mobile devices on the road. "We don't need a patchwork quilt of regulations that dictate driving practices in Texas". In March, the Senate passed a bill backed by social conservative Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick that would require people to use restrooms in public schools and buildings that correspond with the gender on their birth certificate, not the gender with which they identify.

The only thing more ridiculous than scheduling 20 items for a special session is the reality of this man running the state of Texas. "If the governor moves forward with this harmful legislation against trans students, LGBTQ people, businesses, and fair-minded Texans will respond in Texas style - Big", said Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD.

SB 6 died in the House when the regular session ended in late May. It said the state could lose about $5.6 billion through 2026 if enacted. Republican Speaker Joe Straus, seen as representing the party's business wing, has said the legislation was unnecessary and could cause economic damage.


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