Tuesday, 17 October, 2017

Trump restores some Cuba travel and economic restrictions, rejecting 'oppressors'

Rickey Rodriguez | 17 June, 2017, 06:04

"A year and a half ago a president, an American president landed in Havana to outstretch his hand to a regime", Rubio said before Trump took the stage at a rally in Florida. Though Trump initially said he was going to "cancel" Obama's policy on Cuba, his speech was actually much more fiery than the policy he delivered. Because we know it is best for America to have freedom in our hemisphere, whether in Cuba or Venezuela and to have a future where the people of each country can live out their own dreams. Individual "people-to-people" trips will again be prohibited.

Trump is not reversing all of Obama's Cuba policy; the two nations, for example, will still have re-opened embassies in their capital cities. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., have shown no interest in doing so. Only the U.S. Congress can lift it, and lawmakers, especially those of Cuban heritage, like Sen.

Vice President Pence introduced the president and added that the U.S.is renewing its commitment to freedom in this hemisphere.

People who want to travel to Cuba for person-to-person exchange will now only be able to go in pre-approved groups.

Recall, the United States government imposed a trade embargo against Cuba in 1960 after winning the island of the revolution.

Engage Cuba, a non-profit group lobbying Congress to lift the US embargo on Cuba, said that rolling back travel expansions would hurt USA airlines that have flights to the island.

The US has long said its poor ties with Havana are due to the country's communist history and apparent attendant rights violations, but China's ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) has never deterred Washington from pursuing lucrative trade agreements with Beijing. Remittances to Cuba won't be cut off.

Both the senator and governor have been vehement opponents of the easing of restrictions agreed upon by the Obama administration.

"Today Cuba is ruled by the same people who murdered tens of thousands of its citizens".

Trump has ordered the Treasury and Commerce Departments to begin a policy review within 30 days to design new regulations, but that process could take several months.

But Trump said it's up to the Castro regime to decide if the US will lift its sanctions.

While tourism is still officially prohibited, since only Congress can lift the almost 55-year-embargo still in place on Cuba, the Obama administration loosened the rules - and enforcement - to allow individual, "people-to-people" travel.

CNN's Jim Acosta warned that President Donald Trump seems to be trying to bring about another Cold War with Cuba.


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