Tuesday, 17 October, 2017

Controversial PUBG Crate System Explained by Creator

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Is Adding These New Player Animations PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds just became the most played non-Valve game on Steam ever
Carlton Santiago | 02 August, 2017, 01:04

Even better for the game's developers is that "Battlegrounds" has managed to become the 3rd most played game on Steam with almost 500,000 gamers playing it.

There is no stopping PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the hit multiplayer indie sensation that came out of nowhere on PC earlier this year, and has since not stopped making waves.

Last week, developer Bluehole announced that it is adding a "crate-and-key" cosmetic DLC system to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.

He went on to reiterate that this is an entirely optional system, and the items that will be sold are only "vanity" items. Or in other words to the community of the game "f*** you, we're doing it anyway".

Like the current free-to-open system, you will be limited in the number of crates you can receive each week, with the crate prices being reset each Monday. As it stands, players are now enjoying a game that is still rough around the edges in many spots and eagerly anticipating features for it that would seemingly have a higher priority than what is essentially further monetization of the player-base. "I've learned a lot, and we'll try to communicate better moving forward", he said.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) continues to grow in popularity at an extremely aggressive pace.

The game, which has managed to fork in more than 150 million dollars by this point, is not even technically finished yet and is only available through the world's largest digital media store, Steam, where it is available as an "Early Access" item. The two new free-to-play crates will work as the existing pioneer crate, although with a different selection of items: pick up the free Survivor crate and you too could have a chance to get the sweet Matrix-esque coat that flares out when you land from a height. The reason that paid-for loot crates are being added now, and earlier than originally promised, he explains, is largely a matter of testing. As as you can see, all the games underneath GTA V are absolutely crushed when it comes to player count.

With that in mind, Greene admitted that the messaging "wasn't very clear", and apologised for the confusion this may have caused. He added that, while he understands players' concerns, testing is "necessary at this stage and ultimately beneficial for the game". The process of communicating our intentions precisely to our fans and communities should have been done in a more careful and prudent manner. Players will be able to open six crates per week maximum, and they can be freely traded on the Steam marketplace.


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