Tuesday, 17 October, 2017

Spelunky and Downwell makers team up for 50-game collection

UFO 50 Announced by the Developers of Spelunky and Downwell Spelunky creator's next project is 50 rad retro games in one
Carlton Santiago | 10 August, 2017, 00:29

This time around they're aiming bigger, as they're going for a collection of new titles but using 8-bit graphics and the classic gameplay that we enjoyed from those games. Other contributors to the project are Eirik Suhrke, Jon Perry, Paul Hubans, and Ojiro Fumoto whose pedigrees include Downwell, Ridiculous Fishing, Time Barons, Scorpulak, and Madhouse. Keep an eye on UFO 50. Every game has a single-player mode and "roughly a third of the games will feature either cooperative or competitive multiplayer modes as well".

If you grew up in the era of those cute and fun 8-bit games like Zelda, Contra, Super Mario, and the ancient Final Fantasy, nostalgic feelings probably come up whenever you see games in that format.

What is #UFO50? That was the question that's been on everyone's minds since Spelunky developer Derek Yu tweeted a mysterious screenshot alongside the hashtag.

UFO 50 will be released in 2018. UFO 50, as its title suggests, isn't just one game, but fifty of. They will be full, total games, just a bit smaller.

UFO 50 is a collection of 50 single player and multiplayer games, from a wide-range of genres, ranging from platformers, beat "em ups, sports puzzle games and shoot "em ups to RPGs". The team behind UFO 50 estimate that it could take upwards of 100 hours to complete all of the content available. As for the games, "They're all connected by a unique 32-color palette and other restrictions we decided on to make them feel more authentic", which is essentially the devs playing a role on top of creating games.

A price has yet to be announced, but its creators want it to be "an easy purchase".


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