Tuesday, 17 October, 2017

Zuma wins 8th motion of no confidence - #StateCapture

South African President Jacob Zuma could be removed from office following an upcoming no-confidence vote SA President Zuma faces no confidence secret ballot
Wilma Wheeler | 10 August, 2017, 00:47

"The Speaker, Baleka Mbete, will become acting president and have 30 days to elect a new president", he explained.

Zuma's survival will show how just how much power he holds over the ANC regardless of the secret ballot.

"We have full confidence in our ANC members of parliament.This motion, just like others before it, will be defeated", a statement from the ANC's chief whip Jackson Mthembu said.

Zuma's presidency has been checkered by numerous political blunders over the years, which have hampered the country's reputation in the eyes of investors.

The African National Congress has 249 seats in the 400-seat parliament and the opposition controls 151 seats. But because five parliament seats are now vacant, the opposition wants the count to be based on 395 seats instead.

If South African lawmakers vote in favour of Tuesday's no-confidence motion in President Jacob Zuma, he will be forced to resign along with his entire cabinet.

It was the eighth time in the past seven years that Zuma faced a no-confidence motion, but the debate on Tuesday as different in that some of his own African National Congress (ANC) voted for the motion together with opposition parties.

Typically secret ballots are used in referendums to protect the identity of citizens.

But the ANC has warned that any of its MPs who support the anti-Zuma no confidence motion risk being disciplined by the party, insisting that removing Zuma from office would not be in the best interest of the country. "Although there are a lot of ANC MPs (members of parliament) who are not happy, they were never likely to vote en masse for a proposition put forward by the opposition". He said the vote was not about political parties, but about the people of South Africa.

The rand fell by 1 per cent immediately after the result was announced.

Hundreds of anti-Zuma protesters who gathered outside Parliament, anxiously waiting for the result, expressed disappointment over the outcome. A similar replacement process kicked into gear after the ANC recalled former President Thabo Mbeki in 2008.

The president's supporters said his removal would send the country into chaos amid a leadership vacuum. The motion was brought by the Democratic Alliance following the release of the Public Protector's State of Capture report.

South African President Jacob Zuma's time in office could come to a sudden end, following the speaker of parliament's surprise decision to allow anonymous voting in a motion of no confidence.


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