Friday, 20 October, 2017

Spanish court bars Catalan MPs' independence move

Catalonia is not Europe Eyeing more independence in the EU
Wilma Wheeler | 06 October, 2017, 00:28

She added that she would not "allow censorship to enter parliament" and that she would continue "defending the sovereignty" of the legislative body.

He said Germany wasn't seeking to mediate in the dispute between Madrid and the regional government in Barcelona.

But the independence movement is pressing ahead - first with today's general strike, the largest in the region's history, and shortly, many anticipate, with a declaration of sovereignty by the Catalan parliament.

Catalonia is the country's richest region and home to thousands of domestic and foreign companies.

Spain's Constitutional Court ruled that the referendum violated the country's constitution because it "does not recognize the right to self-determination and establishes that sovereignty resides with Spanish citizens collectively", according to the Washington Post. "We haven't seen such a disproportionate and brutal use of force since the death of the dictator Franco". However, on Tuesday, Puigdemont told the BBC broadcaster that Catalonia might declare independence in a few days.

The Catalan president also accused King Felipe of Spain of acting as a mouthpiece for the Spanish government after the monarch accused Catalan authorities of attempting to break "the unity of Spain".

But the turnout was only around 43 percent, with those opposed to the vote abstaining.

On Monday, Catalonia leader Carles Puigdemont announced that he was not afraid of being arrested for organizing the illegal referendum vote regarding the region's independence from Spain which occurred on Sunday.

On Tuesday, some 700,000 people took to the streets in Barcelona against police violence during Sunday's vote.

Catalonia is Spain's engine of growth, accounting for 19 percent of its GDP.

Nor did he speak in favor of mediation or dialogue, saying that the state had to "ensure constitutional order".

The reason why? Because an independent Catalonia could ultimately lead to the collapse of the EU.

On Wednesday, Puigdemont had called for global mediation to begin the process; however, he also remarked that the referendum's results should be acknowledged. They are one of the autonomous regions of Spain. The king's stance is widely seen as being nearly identical with the hardline position adopted by the Popular Party, the right-wing ruling party of Spain. "He is deliberately ignoring millions of Catalans", Puigdemont said on Wednesday.

"We were saddened by reports. of the many people who were injured during the events over the weekend" in Catalonia, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said. This comes after hundreds of Spanish police were evicted from hotels after their crackdown.

But he said it was "time to talk, finding a way out of the impasse".


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