Friday, 17 November, 2017

New Book Claims Bushes Had Harsh Words For Trump

George HW Bush on Trump: He's a 'blowhard' Former Presidents Bush reveal in new book they didn't vote for Trump
Wilma Wheeler | 06 November, 2017, 00:33

Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush have never been close to or openly amicable with President Donald Trump. But in The Last Republicans, a new book from historian Mark Updegrove about the father and son, they unleash their Trump trash-talking, as shown in book previews from CNN and the New York Times. But now, their disdain for the 45th president has been made very clear.

It really was no secret that the Bushes aren't really big fans of President Donald Trump.

Updegrove said the title of the book came from a conversation he had with the junior Bush in which he said, "I'm anxious that I will be the last Republican president".

It is also on record that both Republican presidents did not vote for Trump in the election. But, in fact, George W. Bush had had a lifetime of making bold decisions.

Who did the former presidents vote for in 2016?

He had just defeated Jeb Bush - the former president's son.

"It allows us to understand how much a renegade Trump is in the Republican Party", he said.

The Bushes have despised Trump for decades, Brinkley said, citing reports that the elder Bush snubbed Trump as his running mate in the 1992 election.

"No Democrat has criticized the war in Iraq with as much anger as Donald Trump", Brinkley said.

Barack Obama, who has been more directly under fire from Trump, had recently hit back by speaking of the return of "politics of division that we have seen so many times before that dates back centuries".

The elder Bush went on to say that he believed Trump was motivated by "a certain ego" that would ultimately be damaging to the Republican party and the country". White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told NBC News.

A Bush family spokesman answered questions about Updegrove's book and the White House statement with a simple reply: "No comment, but thanks".


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